Proceedings 4 th International Conference the Community Development in ASEAN

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Proceedings 4 th International Conference the Community Development in ASEAN


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Islamic Religious Education Based On Sufism Construction Epistemology        

17-27    Assesment Environmental Sustainability at Upper Watershed Area Based
28-37      Analysis Of Factors Affecting The Non Muslim Become  Customers
38-45       The Design and Excellence Analysis of Android-Based GMET (Green Mapping Engine Technology) for Medical Plant Mapping
46-58       Analysis on Secondary Math Teachers Comprehension and Readiness in Joining Teachers Competency Test (UKG)
59-71       Utilization Of Agricultural Waste To Reduce The Impact Of Compaction in Growing Medium Onion
72-78       Intensification Process of Lignin Isolation from Biomass – A Review
79-93       The Contribution of Din-i-ilahi Towards The Life and Culture of Indian People
94-97 Asean, Intercultural and The Role of Foreign Language Learning Based Crossculture Approach (Indonesian Experience of BIPA)
98-107 The Comparative Study of Sharia Banking’s Legal Instrument in Southeast Asia: The Developments, Opportunities, and Challenges
108-123 The Transmission of Values of Javanese Culture in Scout Education 
124-128 Teachers Educative Speech Act in Classroom Learning 
129-139 The Potential of Children Directed Language (CDL) to Lessenthe Lexical GAP of Indonesian Language
139-146 Preliminary Study Human Strengths of Javanese Never Married Aging
147-156 Neuroticism and Gratitude to God as Self-Regulation: Facet Analysis
157-164 Students Understanding of the Smart Solution Method and Its Use in Solving Straight Line Problems 
165-174 Modeling the Nationalism Character Building through Hidden Curriculum Attachment for High School Student at Frontier Area of Indonesia
175-188 Reception Pattern Representing Three Cultures in Indonesian Literature: Reader Response Study and Culture Studies 
202-208 Educational Enhancement In The Borders Area To Support  The Community Development In West Kalimantan
209-216 Solving Eucledian Geometry Problems through Polya’s Approach 
217-226 Self Control, Peer  Group And Learned Discipline The Vocational High School Student
227-237 Integrated farming with Agro-Industry for the Sustainable Cassava Production: an Experience from Trenggalek Regency, Indonesia
238-247 Morphological Diversity and Germplasm Conservation Strategies of Phaseolus Lunatus L in East Java
248-260 Analysis on Universal Moral Values as the Bases for Developing Character Education in Kindergarten
267-275 Balancing the Developmental Aspect on Value Based Character Building Through Boarding School System in Indonesia
276-290 The Implementation Of Participatory And Social Justice Used In The Arrangements of Land Acquisition And Implementation of Development for The Public Interest
291-307 Islamic Education In Indonesia: A Historical Analysis Of Development And Dynamics
308-315 Conception and Tendency in Java Families in Naming the Children in Indonesia
316-327 The Role Of Peer Assistance Model In Improving Students’ Writing Skill
328-342 Hikmah Muta'aliyah (Trancendental Theosophy) A New School Of Thought In Islamic Philosophy
343-352 Salafi Movement Orientation In Indonesia 
353-360 A Learning Management Design For An Inclusive Class
361-367 Application of lignochloritic probiotics  in feed  Strategies to increase Production, Quality and SAfety of Dairy Milk Farm
368-377 Shifts In The Understanding Of Religion From Ideal-Rationality To Pragmatic-Materialistic: Phenomenon New Flow In Islam In Indonesia
378-387 The Learning Values Of Social Competence in The Traditional Game "Gembatan" for Children
388-397 The Adolescent Competence In Managing Small Medium Enterprises (Umkm) Through Advertising in Social Media
398-409 Integration Of Science And Islam At Islamic Higher Education In Indonesia
410-415 Observation on the Effectiveness of Experimenting and Discussion (ED) Learning Model Implementation
416-426 Harmonization of Adultery Regulations in Indonesian Criminal Code with Islamic Law
427-436 Resilience And Social Adjustment As The Mediation Of Relation Between Neureticism and Psychological Symptomatic Condition of Patients with HIV/AIDS in Indonesia
437-447 Waste Decomposer Microbe Consortium in Effort to Improvement Public Health
448-457 The Development Of Nation Character EducationThrough Environmental Educational in Elemetary School in Batu-East Java
457-467 Teen Character Education In The Perspective Of Islamic Education 
468-472 Developing A Test Of Academic English Proficiency (Taep) For Non-Native Speakers of English
473-480 The Policy Implementation of Nutrition Education in Elementary School Permata Insan Malang Indonesia
481-492 A Character-based Local Curriculum Development Model in Vocational High School (A Study of Vocational High School Curriculum Development in Indonesia)
493-499 The New Orientation Of Islamic Revivalist Movements In The Context Of Post-Reform Indonesia
500-521 An Analysis Of Message Signifying Of Heritage Media In The Society Of South Sulawesi-Indonesia
522-530 Effect Demography Factor, Achievement Motivation On Lecterer Competence 
531-548 Developing A Local Wisdom-Based Multicultural Civic Education Model In Higher Education
549-557 Phase And Dynamics Of Social Movement Of Lapindo Mud Disaster Victim Against The Nation and Corporation Domination
558-567 The Antioxidant Activity of lycopene and β-carotene of Tomato Fruit (Licepersicum Pyriform) as Anti-aging in Rats
568-572 The Roles of Receptor P55 (TNFR1) and P75 (TNFR2) in Increasing Pain of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder
573-581 Bankruptcy and Suspension of Payment Law Lesson from Indonesia Court Decision
582-590 Consumers’ Awareness on Environment  A Study on Purchasing Behavior of Fresh Apple in East Java, Indonesia
591-597 Developing Rural Community Through Creative Village Regulation
598-603 Character Education In The Family Of Female Migrant Workers In Indonesia
604-613 High level Lipoproteine-Associated Phospholipase A2 (Lp-PLA2) Promote Atherogenecity Low Density Lipoprotein at Normal Level
614-632 Lesson study as efforts to improve teacher professionalityIn indonesian language learning based on text
633-642 The Role Peer Support Group  To Provide Social Support Person Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)
643-649 Evaluate The Implementation of Batu Go Organic Program in Giripurno Village, Bumiaji Subdistrict, Batu
650-658 Educational Supervision to Improve Teacher Professionalism in 21st Century Learning
658-664 Public Awareness on Solid Waste Handling in Bandar Lampung
665-679 A New Paradigm For Islamic Higher Education In Indonesia  Institutional And Curriculum Aspects
680-690 The Effect Of Transformational Leadership, Coaching, And Job Satisfaction On Employee Job Performance
691-700 Integration General Education Model In General Compulsory Subject and Sugarcane Agribusiness Management Subject Based Singularwebinar
701-710 The Elimination Of Domestic Violence Based On Community (A Reflection Of Community Empowerment In Winong Pekalongan Indonesia) 
711-724 Students’ Gestures on Algebraic ThinkingProcess in Pattern Generalization
725-732 Religious Commitment and Pre Marital Sex in Adolescent 
733-744 Cross Culture Understanding for Communication on Foreign Language Course in Malang Raya
745-761 Modernism Of Islam, A Descriptive Historical Analysis 
762-774 Verbal Expressions of Saman Novel by Ayu Utami
775-788 The Dynamics Of The Regulation Of The Local Head Election System Toward a Democratic and Aspiratory Local Head Election System
789-803 The Impact Controlling Of The Increasing Plant Pathogens Virulence To Prevents Environmental Degradation 
804-807 Grammatical Structure of Notary Text The Study of Exploitation Conjuction, Interclause Relationship, and Interpretation of Meaning
808-811 The Role Of The Community Empowerment Activity Character Pkk Districts City Tegal Indonesia
812-827 Character Formation Of The Good Deeds Through Transformative Fashionable Sufism Human Development Model Of Muslim In PT Telkom Indonesia
828-833 Marital Rape In IndonesianCriminal Law Perspective 
834-840 Gender Mainstreaming Implementation On The Functional Literacy Education In The East Java Province
841-847 Matematics Educations in Era of The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
848-854 Development Of Teaching Materials Syntax Indonesian Sentence Contextual Approach to Education for Indonesian Language and Literature Students in Surakarta Indonesia
855-863 Influence Of Job Satisfaction And Organizational Citizenship Behavior (Ocb)
864-885 Inquiry To The Use Of ASEAN WaY China Increase Posturing And Indonesia's Role in South China Sea Dispute
886-893 The Empowerment of Fishermen Household with Entrepreneur Mindset Approach to the Enhancement of The Competitive Human Capital 
894-900 Learning Islamic Studies Using Integrative Paradigm
901-914 Full Team Teaching Model of Integrated Natural Science in Junior HighSchool based on 2013 Curriculum
915-924 The Student’s Interest And Motivation On Enrolling The Study Programe of Islamic Education Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto Academic Year 2015/2016

Reconstruction LegalPolicies And Institution Of StrengtheningPreventionOf Corruption InIndonesia(Thecomparativestudy of selected anti-corruption institutions)


Proceedings 4 th International Conference the Community Development in ASEAN